Features and Benefits

9 Features about the EduForce Module to go with 9 Degrees of Freedom. Check out these quick facts about the Module.

Easy to Use

Three steps to data analysis: Set your parameters,
collect your data,
select your graphing output.

SINC™ Technology

Automatically merge data with video files taken by any handheld device-
without an app.
With SINC convenience meets curiosity.

EduForce Dashboard

With an easy-to-use interface, you can choose to run pre-set labs or customize parameters to fit any experiments.

9 Degrees of Freedom

3 Sensors X 3 Axes=9 Degrees of Freedom. Racing, spinning, flying, the Module captures all aspects of the motion.
More freedom to move- more possibility.

Continuous Data

Say goodbye to limited data: investigate what happens throughout your trials, from start to finish, and everything in between.

Radically Rugged

Experiment without hesitation: this module will survive those inevitable classroom "accidents-" and can even transform them into teachable moments.

Power Supply

No tether: just charge the module and you're good to go. Wherever the experiment goes the Module will be there.

Multiple Modules - Multiple Remotes

Seamlessly connect one or multiple Remotes to one or multiple Modules, whatever set-up you need to run your experiment.

Zero Latency

We have eliminated delay between the Module and the start time of the Video Recording Device so you can investigate your experiment graphically and visually: at the same time.


How it Works

The EduForce Module contains an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) with nine degrees of freedom. The compact device offers maximum capability in three dimensions to measure acceleration, angular velocity, and magnetic field strength.

More freedom to move means a greater capability to understand the abstract.


Use the physical convenience of the Module to take advantage of its built-in accelerometer. Whether flying, sliding, or running, the Module can attach to, and measure, the acceleration of almost any moving object with ease and accuracy.


Spin. Twist. Swirl. Turn. With gyroscopic capability, the Module lets you explore rotational aspects of physics with everyday activity. Simply attach it to frisbees, yo-yos, wheels, or anything else that rotates to find its angular velocity.


Work with the Module's magnetometer to experiment with magnets of different field strengths and positions. Explore the Earth's magnetic field to determine your location and use the device as a compass.


SINC Technology

You've measured it. You've seen it. Now let SINC Technology merge it. Combine your motion data and video files to automatically "see" your whole experiment. SINC Technology lets you visualize the physics.



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